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Open May 15 - September​ 15 


Right below the Tacoloft

Serving Up over 40 flavors with Gluten sensitive, dairy free and sugar free options 

Flavors may very upon arrival 

Choose your Cone!

Waffle Cone, Candy Waffle Cone, Sugar Cone, Candy Sugar Cone, GLUTEN FREE CONE, Waffle Bowl, Candy Waffle Bowl, Regular Bowl

Rum Raisin (GF)

Butterscotch (GF)

Orange Float (GF)

Cherry Cheesecake 

Chocolate Cheesecake

All Canadian Mousse (GF)

Salted Caramel Fudge (GF)

Caramel Coffee Macchiato (NO SUGAR ADDED)

Blueberry Cheesecake 

Cream Soda Float (GF)​​

Mint Chocolate Chip (GF)

Pistachio Almond (GF)

Vanilla (GF)

Chocolate (GF)

Cookie Dough

Rocky Road (GF)

Bubble Gum (GF)

Cotton Candy (GF)

Strawberry (GF)

Saskatoon Pie

Grape Float (GF)

Black Licorice (GF)

Maple Nut (GF)

Tiger (GF)

Carmel Crunch (GF)(NO SUGAR ADDED)

Moon Mist (GF)

Lime Sherbert (GF)

Rainbow Sherbert (GF)

Lemon Sorbet (DF)(GF)

Peach Sorbet (DF)(GF)

Strawberry Sorbet (DF)(GF)

Passionfruit Sorbet(DF)(GF)

Oh Macaroon (LF)(GF)

Strawberry Sensation (LF)(GF)

Lavender Lemonade (GF)

(GF) Gluten Friendly           (LF) Lactose Free             ​(NSA) No Sugar added ​    (DF) Dairy free

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